Catering von privaten und Firmenevents. Barista for Rent. Coffeecoaching&Baristakurse
Catering von privaten und Firmenevents.Barista for Rent. Coffeecoaching&Baristakurse

Xperience Nature

I love the outdoors and enjoy as many days as possible in the nature of the Alps or the Black Forest. In summer I am doing more relaxed Trekking tours, sleeping outdoors or in huts. We are carrying everything we need and prepare our dishes outdoors at the fire!

My montainbike tours are usually more sportive, with a focus on enjoying the rides with minimal luggage, sleeping in huts or mountain hostels.


I am also doing road bike tours in the Swiss Alps and Black Forest, and trekking-bike tours in the Alps or on Sardinia.


If you want to know more, visit the XperienceNature Tours page.


Appartments on Sardinia

We are renting our Appartment on Sardinia. Either the whole appartment for max 5 px, or 2 bedrooms for 2 px, with individual bathrooms, can be rented separately (B&B in preperation).


For detailed information and booking, please visit the Sardegna - appartment to rent page!


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