Catering an Privatfeiern, Hochzeiten und Firmen Events. Barista for Rent. Baristakurse. Ferienwohnungsvermietung
Catering an Privatfeiern, Hochzeiten und Firmen Events.Barista for Rent. Baristakurse. Ferienwohnungsvermietung

Welcome to XperienceNature and Centrale del Caffè - Weil

In many outdoor trips and adventures I developed a passion for the wild and beautiful nature of the Alps, the Blackforest in the southwest of Germany as well as the South of Italy, and Sardinia. Not only the landscape of these regions, but as well its culture and traditions, last but not least gastronomical, left a strong impression on me. 


Traveling and guiding outdoor tours in those areas, I always came back with new ideas. One of those is to manage my own "Nature Café" as a meeting point for people sharing a similar passion for nature and local food, a place to dream of and plan new advantures to nature!


My best approach to this is a mobile Coffee bar, which is located at different chosen locations and can be rented for events, whilst I am also working in selected Café bars as Barista.


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We also decided to have our own place to stay in Sardinia. in the northern part of the island, on the west coast in Lu Bagnu. We have an additional apartment at this location which is for rent.


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